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Gas pipeline

Deepwater, long distance or large diameter: we connect the dots between people and products.

Pipelines are getting longer. Offshore pipelines are getting deeper – and pressures and temperatures are increasing. 

Oil, gas or biogas. Hydrogen, water or CO2

Our specialists provide early insights into any potential challenges or opportunities – plus an invaluable perspective on the feasibility, route, constructability and decommissioning risks of your development. 

We’re at the forefront of pipeline technology

We have experience in managing the integrity of major subsea and onshore pipelines using cutting-edge data analysis software and data acquisition techniques. And we don’t stop innovating: we continually develop new digital and automation tools to address today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s. 

Together, we’re on the journey to decarbonize

Central to us getting there is how quickly we’re able to transport hydrogen. To do it, you don’t always have to build new pipelines – you can repurpose existing ones using hydrogen embrittlement and fracture control. We’ve worked on many early studies in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia, assessing options and outcomes to save costs and speed up hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.

People. Wildlife. The environment

Pipeline leaks pose a significant threat to the safety of all three. Plus the cost associated with line downtime, loss of product, remediation, lawsuits, and fines can run into the millions. We have a global pool of environmental professionals across a variety of technical fields to call on for environmental impact assessments. And we help our clients prepare their emergency responses wherever they are in the world. 

Talk to us. We’re here to help.