Aerial view of a liquefied natural gas terminal,

LNG must survive the challenge of a low-carbon future.

As the least carbon-intensive hydrocarbon fuel, natural gas has become the transition fuel of choice – bridging the gap between fossil fuels and renewables like solar and wind.

Demand for LNG has been soaring for over a decade. 

Then came COVID-19.  

In times of uncertainty, our consulting comes into its own

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, we see demand escalating once again in the months and years to come. The challenges will lie in identifying price patterns. Financing projects with long gestation periods. Reconfiguring assets to get the right return. Pacing production to meet fluctuations in demand. And maintaining the right to operate under an increasingly focused green lens.

We build the blueprint for action

Our front-end services, including technical due diligence and due diligence for large acquisitions, will help you navigate today’s changed climate. Our integrated offering marries the worlds of hydrocarbons, infrastructure and environment, allowing us to consider your project from every conceivable angle. 

Setting you on the path to carbon neutrality by 2050

Our road maps are designed to help our clients achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in credible and sustainable ways. We simplify and screen emerging digital options – adopting a technology-neutral position to always give the most appropriate recommendations for the project. For existing assets, we partner with you to improve their operating and energy efficiencies. And we also consult on substitution of feedstocks – from one gas source to another. 

The world around us has changed

How do we reconfigure the LNG business to the new paradigm?

Talk to us. And together we’ll chart a new course.