Case Study

Eni Nikaitchuq Flowline Repair

Eni Nikaitchuq Flowline Repair

The Nikaitchuq field development consists of the Spy Island Drillsite (SID) artificial island, tied back to shore at the Oliktok Point Production (OPP) facility on the North Slope of Alaska via a 3.6 mile long buried offshore pipeline bundle which contains a 14-inch x 18-inch pipe-in pipe (PIP) production flowline.

The Challenge

The presence of internal corrosion in the production flowline necessitated a repair of the line to ensure a leak did not occur, and to minimize the overall impact on long-term production.

Our Approach

Work included an initial evaluation of the integrity of the flowline to ensure the remaining pipe wall thickness would reliably maintain production. This was followed by an in-depth evaluation of options available for repair, considering site-specific conditions, duration and window of opportunity to repair, and cost. Once a repair option was selected, detailed design, procurement and construction began.

The Results

The repair was successfully completed in December 2018. Production through the repair pipe will be enhanced with the installation of two multi-phase pumps, which are expected to be in service later in 2019.