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gas pipelines

Perspectives / 17 July 2019

Demystifying the gas market: how to navigate the gas value chain to reduce costs and create value for your business

Like the cost of most energy sources, in recent times, the price of gas on the east coast of Australia has increased considerably. Household consumers would have noticed significant rises over the past few years, just from running heating and hot water. However, for industries like manufacturing, chemicals or mining, this cost can be the difference between a viable operation or closing down. So, what changed our market dynamics and what can large gas consumers do to get a better deal?

water and data management

Perspectives / 16 July 2019

Asset management of three waters infrastructure: maintaining the hidden asset

The New Zealand Government is reviewing the three water services (drinking, waste and stormwater). The outcome of the review is unknown, but a likely result will be an increased focus on asset management practices. With much of the water industry’s infrastructure aging and buried underground, Steve Haultain explains the critical importance of managing asset information and how it can be used to optimise asset quality and value.