Advisian to present on effective sulphur recovery at the Asia Refining Technology Conference

20 March 2019

Organized by the World Refining Association (WRA), the Asia Refining Technology Conference (ARTC) is a leading refining and petrochemical conference within the region. 

Key themes for this year's event include: current projects and trends for Thailand and the region, the upcoming IMO 2020 regulation, and the digital transformation of the downstream sectorRavi Srinivas will be presenting:

Effective Sulphur Recovery in the face of Clean Fuels, IMO & LSFO   | 9:50AM -10:15AM | WED., MARCH 27

The key points in this presentation are:

  • Environmental regulations are demanding higher Sulphur removal from useable products, from IMO to Ultra Low Sulphur transportation fuels.

  • This will cause an overload on Sulphur recovery capacities.

  • Energy efficient options to be considered from Sulphur

 Presentation Abstract

Whether refiners have to be prepared for the upcoming IMO & LSFO production by 2020 or for the production of Ultra Low Sulphur Clean Fuels by 2030, one common objective would be the removal of Sulphur from useable products to prevent the proliferation of Sulphur’s harmful effects when the products are in use.  The most difficult challenge would be the removal of the Sulphur component in High Sulphur Fuel Oil, which is being addressed by the industry before 2020, in order to bring its Sulphur content down from 3.5 wt% to 0.5 wt%.  This is a major undertaking not only for Sulphur removal technologies, but for Sulphur recovery capacities which is greatly undersized for the new recovery demand.  Since Sulphur recovery is the last line of defense to meet environmental regulations, an inadequate Sulphur recovery capacity will threaten refinery production and its sustainability. 

How can Sulphur capacities continue to grow cost effectively in the short-term, and are there energy efficient solutions that can help safeguard the environment in the long-term?   How can these expenses be paid?

These questions with be addressed using illustrations from our Sulphur Recovery technologies, and we will share success stories from recent projects in Asia, notably with Thai Oil Sriracha in Sulphur recovery, and the reduction of SOx emission areas while the refinery implemented bottom of the barrel solutions to enhance its crude flexibility. 

Ravi Srinivas | Vice President – Sulphur Technologies 

Ravi SrinivasRavi Srinivas is a chemical engineer and energy management professional with 30 years' global experience in Petroleum Refining, Gas Processing, and Sulphur Recovery businesses in the areas of operations, commissioning, troubleshooting, optimization, technical services, project management, engineering, business development, licensing, and catalyst sales.  This includes high-level competency in energy conservation, optimized design & troubleshooting of refinery process units, off-sites & utility systems, waste water treatment & emission control. Previously, he held senior positions in Dupont’s Hydroprocessing & Clean Technologies Division, BASF Refining catalysts business, Qatar Petroleum’s Refining Directorate, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation’s Refining Division. He currently serves as Vice President & Head of India Sulphur Centre, and is responsible for business development and execution of licensing design packages throughout the region.

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