Advisian and WorleyParsons sponsor the 2018 Middle East Refining Technology Conference

24 January 2018

Advisian and WorleyParsons are proud to be a sponsor of the MERTC in Manama, Bahrain on 23-24 January 2018. 

Organized by the World Refining Association (WRA), with high levels of interactivity and insight, the Middle East Refining Technology Conference (MERTC) is where leaders and engineers from BAPCO, KNPC, Sabic, Oman, Orpic and Aramco connect with the best technologies and the brightest minds.

One of the themes for this year’s conference is  'IMO Sulphur Cap – The Impacts and Opportunities for the Middle East’s Refiners', to which Odette Eng - Hydrocarbon Global Refining Sector Lead, Advisian - will be presenting:   

IMO Sulfur Fuel Spec – Challenge or Opportunity?  Part 1:  A Strategic View | 9:40 am – 24 January

In this presentation, Odette will discuss:

  • The challenge presented by the IMO’s drive to reduce bunker fuels sulfur specification from 3.5 wt% to 0.5 wt% by 2020

  • The slow response and burden to 'stay in business' for many fuel oil producers and ship owners

  • Learnings from the 'clean fuels' experience which may turn the forecasted challenges into competitive opportunities

IMO Sulfur Fuel Spec – Challenge or Opportunity?  Part 2: A Technical Balancing Act | 1:30 pm – 24 January

In this presentation, Odette will discuss:

  • The impact for the region’s refineries composed of old and new facilities of varying degrees of complexity

  • The competitive risks exposed to older refineries with low complexities

  • The key advantages and flexibilities available to newer plants with high complexities 

  • Ideas for creating opportunities in this non 'one size fits all' scenario

“The topic of IMO represents one of the toughest challenges for the refining industry in years.  As transportation fuels have gone through many ‘clean fuels’ generations within the last several decades, many countries around the world are producing cleaner fuels than ever imagined twenty years ago.  By 2020, sulfur in marine fuels are required to be lowered from 3.5 wt% to 0.5 wt%, a tremendous demand on the market since sulfur in marine fuel is toughest to remove.  While this problem is being considered as the last frontier in clean fuels, Advisian would advocate a more creative way to look at this situation through our learnings in solving clean fuel problems, changing it from a challenge to an opportunity as it impacts many countries around the world,” says Odette Eng.

Advisian is proud to sponsor this event in Bahrain, and we look forward to the many discussions with colleagues and friends alike on how to address future regulations.  It is through the collective learning and experience that our industry can create a more synergistic approach to challenging, yet common, problems across the world.

Learn more about MERTC.