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Advanced Analysis Group

Advanced Analytics Group

By combining our analytical strengths with our clients’ business know-how, we don’t develop any solution – we develop the best one for their business.

The changing business environment continues to offer new challenges. We help overcome this by combining our analytical strengths with our clients’ business know-how. Through understanding and innovation, we don’t develop any solution – we develop the best one.

Advanced analytics delivering practical solutions

Physical testing can be costly, time consuming and wasteful. It also doesn’t always provide a greater understanding of how individual components operate as part of a whole system. Our clients need to improve safety, reliability and efficiency in many different industries where traditional forms of analyses are no longer the best options.

Our Advanced Analysis consultants provide a range of solutions to help you manage your technical, operational and business risks. We draw on our wide-range of experience in a number of different industries to develop and deliver practical solutions that provide results.

We will collaborate with you to truly understand your needs, and then leverage our analytical tools and wider Advisian and Worley subject matter experts to solve the challenges unique to your business.

Industry areas we support include:

  • Brownfields
  • Pressure equipment
  • Vibration testing
  • Fitness for service and life extension
  • Risk-based inspections
  • Technical and business risk assessment
  • Expert witness
  • Software agencies

Our technical solutions include:

  • Finite element analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Discrete event simulation and logistics modelling
  • Blast, fire, explosion and gas dispersion
  • Pressure equipment assessment
  • Dynamic system analysis
  • Dynamic Process Simulation
  • Digital Twins and Advanced Real-time Monitoring
  • Surge analysis
  • Noise and acoustic analysis
  • Fatigue assessment

Contact one of our key consultants to discuss how our Advanced Analysis team can help you:

Andrew Campbell – Managing Consultant, Perth

Samantha Stephens – Melbourne

Steve McGahey – Brisbane

Chee Wei Tan  Singapore


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