Advisian partners with XENDEE to provide best-in-class integrated energy solutions

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Advisian and WorleyParsons are proud to announce an exclusive agreement with XENDEE, the world’s most advanced and versatile analysis and optimization software platform for designing energy systems. Together, we offer unmatched value in design and delivery of complete energy solutions, supporting the full asset lifecycle.


Demand for alternative energy systems is growing, to improve reliability and resilience, reduce environmental impact, and cut costs. Systems that offer these benefits include microgrids, renewable generation, batteries, and hybrid systems of various energy resources. With the range of technology options available, and with sizing, configuration and operating parameters to consider, the options are overwhelming. Uncertainty and high costs of feasibility studies, planning, and engineering have presented a barrier for end users and investors alike from entering the market. Further, when companies offer design and engineering at no or low cost, it is generally because they also make the equipment they are recommending, creating a bias that can result in excess capital expense or suboptimal solutions. 

Our team, in collaboration with industry, recognized the need for a global energy solutions firm to sit on the customer’s side of the table. And we built the capability to meet that need. Remaining technology agnostic. Pushing relentlessly to minimize time to results and maximize return on investment. Ensuring installed systems meet and exceed performance goals. 

We Plan it. Build it. Run it.  We’ve got you covered.

You have at least one of these priorities:


You know achieving even one of these can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Balancing the optimization of all of them is even more complex – until now.

The combination of our distinct capabilities is a game-changer. Together, we offer complete solutions covering the full lifecycle of the energy asset. 

  • Advisian: Advisian’s Smart & Distributed Energy team, experts in Distributed Energy Resources (DER), microgrids, energy storage, and smart grids, applies its in-depth technical knowledge and advisory expertise to evaluate, optimize, and design your distributed generation assets, to achieve the resilience, sustainability, and/or power quality you require.
  • WorleyParsons: WorleyParsons brings more than 130 years’ experience in the power industry and leverages its global expertise to develop and deliver the customized energy solutions designed by Advisian on-time, with improved performance, reduced risk, and delivering greater returns on your investment.
  • XENDEE: XENDEE’s software platform provides an end-to-end integrated platform for technical and financial optimization, enabling us to provide you with tailored, cost-effective, and optimal distributed energy system solutions up to 90 percent faster than the industry standard.

You want fast, reliable answers for what your energy system will look like, how much it will cost, and how it will perform.

We begin by inputting and force-ranking your priorities, such as resilience, sustainability, power quality, reduced costs, and security.

We then add facility-specific data, such as:

  • Location

  • Facility type and use

  • Energy use mix and costs

  • Load profile


Utilizing global databases of energy pricing, solar, wind and temperature data, vendor data, geospatial information, and algorithms for system configuration and power flow analysis, the XENDEE platform provides the ability to model any/all energy resources, at any scale, producing a technical and financial optimization report that includes:

  • Financial pro forma

  • Customized system design

  • Technical report

  • Optimized operations

Together, we deliver full turnkey solutions

Advisian’s technical experts conduct feasibility studies, analysis, design, and optimization using XENDEE software, backed by the full capability of the WorleyParsons Group for detailed engineering, procurement, and construction of complete projects.

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Our team is ready to plan, build, and run your customized energy system. We have the flexibility to focus on a single stage of the process, or support you through the entire project lifecycle. We’ve got you covered.

For more information or to schedule your initial free assessment, contact Tristan Jackson:

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About XENDEE: XENDEE, an award-winning company with a team that has developed an advanced platform for distributed energy system design and optimization. The XENDEE software platform is built atop hundreds of millions of dollars of US government R&D carried out over the past decade at US national laboratories, most notably Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and validated both in the laboratory and projects in cooperation with Arizona State University, University of California San Diego, utilities and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).