Smart and Distributed Energy

Distributed Energy Resources

Advisian recognizes the increasing demand for alternative energy solutions. Our team analyzes, develops and delivers solutions that increase reliability and resilience, reduce environmental impact, and cut costs across the power industry.

As the energy industry continues to see proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs), more and more often we see these developments including a variety of different technologies. Solar PV installations (roof-top systems, solar car port systems, ground mount utility scale systems), energy storage systems, combined heat and power (CHP) facilities, natural gas turbines or microturbines, fuel cells, and diesel generators are being deployed in combination with demand response (DR) and energy efficiency (EE) measures. 

By combining technologies, utilities and developers can enhance the reliability of traditional electricity supply by creating comprehensive distributed energy solutions or microgrids; typically, the greatest benefit to increased reliability comes in supporting critical infrastructure, health and safety, continuous industrial processes and emergency services. However, adding technologies and microgrid capability also increases project costs. This is where Advisian can help.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Technoeconomic Assessment – analyse financial and technical viability and provide DER modelling, CAPEX/OPEX optimization, and system design
  • Regulatory Policy Analysis – understanding how policy and tariff choices impact technology choices and system design; strategic regulatory policy strategy and planning to support tariffs that change the distributed business model
  • Practical Application of Engineering Principals – understanding the system impacts of distributed projects on the macrogrid, how these systems interconnect and operate, and developing implementable solutions

We serve clients with a diverse range of objectives and challenges. For utilities & state organizations we combine distributed energy resource and infrastructure technoeconomic modelling with policy and tariff structure analysis to help organizations influence policy development and utilities optimize grid operations. For our C&I clients we help develop solution packages through technoeconomic optimization that provide solutions to customers’ reliability challenges to reduce operational downtime.

What makes our offering unique is the ability for Advisian to leverage our expertise combined with the capabilities of Worley:

  • Advisian: Advisian applies its in-depth technical knowledge and advisory expertise to evaluate, optimize, and design your distributed generation assets, to achieve the resilience, sustainability, and/or power quality you require.
  • Worley: Worley brings more than 130 years’ experience in the power industry and leverages its global expertise to develop and deliver the customized energy solutions on-time, with improved performance, reduced risk, and delivering greater returns on your investment.

Advisian brings these capabilities together to:

  • Provide a cost-effective method to identify reliability or resilience projects to mitigate risk
  • Incorporate environmentally friendly technologies in cutting-edge, showcase energy projects
  • Model cost effective innovative energy project scenarios; we bring deep expertise to get the details right
  • Develop cost effective methods for modeling performance of microgrid or non-wires alternatives solutions

We deliver complete turnkey solutions with up to 90% reduction in time to results for energy system feasibility studies and engineering design. 

Featured Energy Transition Platform

Veckta is a joint venture between Worley Group and XENDEE. Veckta provides the world’s most advanced energy system engineering tools, delivering technical and financial optimization, integrated within a marketplace that connects those who need energy, with those who supply equipment, design, build and provide financing for those systems

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