Dropped object risk assessment

Illustration of subsea dropped objects

Simulation based dropped object assessments for cost and risk reduction.

The challenge

Accidentally dropped objects pose serious and costly hazards to subsea facilities. High fidelity dropped object dynamic simulations are required to predict object trajectories and better manage risk. Previous simulation software results take a prohibitively long time to produce and are not accurate.

Illustration of the subsea dropped objects safe handling zone


Our solution

An advanced nonlinear solver (FLEXAS) that has demonstrated accuracy and computational efficiency to predict accurate safe handling zone (SHZ), impact energies and complex fall trajectories and design simple devices for trajectory mitigation to better manage risks. All validated against field accidents and model tests.

Illustration of subsea dropped object safe handling zone


The benefits

Improved risk management

  • More accurate risk assessment of potential damage to existing subsea infrastructures
  • Help develop mitigation solutions for reducing probability and/or consequence of infrastructure impact
  • Independent confirmation of installation contractor proposed procedures

Reduced schedules

  • Potential for smaller safe handling zones (SHZs) – crucial for congested field layouts
  • Optimize installation procedures
  • Optimize duration of installation campaigns

Reduced costs

  • Reduced vessel time required per installation due to precise SHZs and efficient procedures
  • Prevent asset loss or replacement
  • Prevent and assess (if accident has occurred) damage to existing infrastructure
  • Additional repair/replacement, lost production, potential environmental release
  • Accurate impact energy prediction to optimize rock dumping near platforms for dropped objects risk

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