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Get the best out of your assets. We can help you to balance your risks and costs, improve performance, and stay on the right side of the regulators.


Advisian’s global Asset Advisory team have access to a range of tools and software to add value to our clients’ businesses. These are outlined below.  

Tool name

Area of application


Facilitates informed decision making


Redefining flexible riser integrity management

Pipeline RBI

Subsea pipeline (DNV F116)


RBI for Pressure equipment, piping and PSVs

Equipment/corrosion loop RBI

RBI for Pressure equipment, piping, low cost for small facilities

CO2 corrosion models

Bespoke and commercial models for CO2 corrosion evaluation, pressure vessels and piping


GIS Based pipeline integrity tool, to allow visualisation of data and risks

Free span tool

Pipeline, calculation of free span, VIV and fatigue

Piping inspection optimization tool

Inspection strategy for networks of piping

Audit tool

Asset Integrity Management audit with benchmark

Maintenance Decision Tool (MDT)

In-house tool to develop maintenance tactics for critical assets


Availability modelling software