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Buildings and Facilities

Overlooking a body of water, multiple buildings in a row, a crane in the background, reflections of the buildings in the water.

We deliver digital consulting and advisory services for buildings and facilities. Advisian can help you get from concept to operations, faster, and with less surprises.

Retail to residential, institutional to industrial, hotels to healthcare, every business has unique real estate requirements.

Now more than ever, people look up to businesses that operate and develop facilities based on the needs of tomorrow, not yesterday. We can help – whether you’re interested in operating more efficiently or looking to integrate sustainability into every aspect of the design.

Real advice you can take to the bank

When you’re looking for the perfect property nothing should be left to chance. First, make sure your investment will bring fewer obstacles and more opportunities. Next, get technical due diligence, audits and feasibility studies done right so you can plan, design, develop and operate faster – and avoid any unexpected surprises. 

We consult, design and develop at the highest level in buildings, master plans and facility development. Our clients achieve their sustainability goals whether they’re looking for specific certification such as LEED, BREEAM or WELL, or more unique requirements.

Design gone digital

With all the latest digital tools at your disposal, you’ll know what to expect before the shovel touches ground – and be able to show investors precisely how the project will look before work begins.

Did we mention that we’re Building Information Modelling (BIM) experts? We help clients capture, structure, and fully understand their building information through a complete, ISO certified BIM service offering. 

Using 3D renders, animation and smart modelling software we can now develop spaces and fine tune specifics for the ultimate end-user experience. You could present an animated flythrough in the boardroom. Or share your vision with key decision makers in a personal virtual reality experience. 

We have the tools coupled with the expertise to help you go digital and explain the thought process behind every design decision.

Big picture planning 

Sometimes our clients need to plan for the bigger picture. Whether industrial or urban, greenfield or reused sites, we have the skills to help you plan it. 

Cities of the future will be developed with care, preserving heritage sites and planning streets to create easier, more sustainable spaces to live in.

Our approach balances the competing needs of public and private sectors, along with communities. Identifying the most beneficial outcomes for all.