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subsea pipeline

Case study / 03 June 2019

Subsea Repair for VAALCO ETAME Facility

INTECSEA is supporting VAALCO Energy in the operations and maintenance phase of their ETAME facilities in the shallow waters off the coast of Gabon. We are managing a subsea repair campaign for the corrosion protection system, have carried out risk-based integrity assessment, developed a pipeline integrity management system (PIMS), and are engineering an overall field development plan to ensure continued production from this project for the foreseeable future.

analyzing business data

Perspectives / 28 March 2019

Disarming the naysayers: forecasting renewal needs across your entire asset portfolio

A key benefit to aligning asset management and financial management is improved availability of financial data that can help inform forward planning processes. Gary Rykers shares how financial valuation data can be used as a proxy for more sophisticated predictive modelling, to provide a comprehensive view of program level renewal needs across an organisation’s asset portfolio.