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Ageing offshore oil and gas platform

General Content / 24 September 2021

Accelerating the understanding of Australia's decommissioning challenge

We’ve been awarded two projects by the Centre for Decommissioning Australia (CODA) to reframe Australia’s energy transition and decommissioning challenge as a shared economic, environmental, and social opportunity. These projects will help CODA understand Australia’s decommissioning and recycling capability, identify international best practices, and establish a foundation for collaboration, innovation, and efficiency.

Digital transformation success

Perspectives / 27 May 2019

Overcoming challenges for digital transformation success

The last few years have seen rapid change across every industry as organizations seek to digitize all or parts of their operations. And there’s every indication that the digital transformation will continue to evolve and grow. Tony Nitchov, Managing Director, Global Consulting at Advisian Digital explores the challenges of digital transformation and how laying the right foundation is critical to digital transformation success.