What is the Futures Program?

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 Advisian Futures is our young professionals network for individuals across the Asia Pacific region.

Accelerated development

The Futures Program provides the opportunity for accelerated personal and professional development through interactions and working with leaders in the industry.

As a graduate or undergraduate at Advisian, you will become a part of this network, which will provide fantastic opportunities to socialise with and learn from your peers across the organisation.

Learning opportunities

Advisian Futures runs events on a bi-monthly basis across Asia Pacific, and there are also local events held in our locations.

The APAC-wide events are hosted by wide range of people in our business, with members of our business presenting their expertise and experience on a variety of topics. Some examples include presentation skills, design thinking, conflict resolution and other skills and knowledge relevant to the development needs of participants.

Advisian Futures will support you in your journey as a consultant.


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