Operational Excellence

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Collaborating with our clients to improve their business performance and drive sustainable results through people, processes and systems

“Our business is being drowned in complexity and we don’t know which part of the value chain to tackle”

“We need to increase production, but cannot commit more CAPEX dollars”

“We know we can perform better but struggle to identify the key levers and operationalise the strategy to measure and deliver sustainable results”

“Our cycle times are too slow; how do we get things moving faster”

These are a few of the challenges our clients are facing when they come to us for Operational Excellence services. Many realise that the majority of business transformations fail due to the inability to implement or operationalise strategies. Advisian’s deep domain knowledge, backed by real world experience is what makes our commitment to sustainable results a sure bet for our clients.

We’ll help you achieve operational excellence and a culture of continuous improvement within your organisation. Our extensive experience has proven that to change performance for the better, an organisation must first change the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of the people upon whom performance depends.

As experts in implementing change, we take a hands-on approach to accelerate the translation of strategy or objectives into actions that drive results, with the end product being strong ownership by your team, commitment to achieving the desired outcomes, faster project cycles and a better return on investment.

To ensure you attain real and lasting value as a consequence of partnering with us, our consultants bring a depth of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the industries we serve, and they understand what is required to deliver significant operational improvements. 

We bring methodologies and capabilities that are proven to change behaviours, hardwire resilience and deliver results, drawing on our expertise in:

  • Strategic assessment and value chain analysis
  • Business process reengineering
  • Management systems and metrics
  • People and organisation
  • Large-scale behavioural change
  • Technology enablement
  • Operational strategy
  • Production optimisation
  • Cost management

Additionally, we are able to draw on the vast technical, industry and management consulting expertise held within the broader Advisian, as well as the engineering and project delivery capabilities of WorleyParsons and our broad array of proven industry partners.


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