Investment Options Analysis - StepWise

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For companies who need to make strategic decisions on potential investments, with a focus to maximise returns, while minimising and managing exposure to risk.

Investment Options Analysis - StepWiseAdvisian’s unique, fully-integrated financial and technical process model StepWise, provides you with the best possible technical alternatives in a quick and cost effective way, so you can make the right investment decisions.

StepWise investment decision advice draws upon WorleyParsons' technical expertise and deep domain knowledge to deliver swift solutions backed by industry acumen.


  • Low-risk approach with minimal financial commitment that provides a sales case based on the client's desired business outcomes
  • Risks and opportunities are identified early on in the process thereby providing real value choices quickly and at a very low cost
  • Promotes differentiated value add at the most beneficial time in the project cycle - right at the beginning
  • Can be a basis for conversion into a 3D visual model extremely quickly, giving you a visual representation of the final development that can be used for sales promotion of the asset. 
Why StepWise
Why Stepwise?

Change is certain in today’s world. Shifts in markets, increased competition and the decline in demand means creating change in your business environment is paramount, and so is transforming the project approach.

StepWise Methodology

Typical ‘big company’ project delivery goals are not fit-for-purpose for many organisations. In order to raise finance, smaller companies need to articulate concept options and potential business outcomes quickly and efficiently.

In just six weeks*, our structured, matured and well tested approach provides you with the best possible technical alternatives, in a quick and cost-effective manner to help you demonstrate the viability of a project and provide surety on investment decisions.

With the desired end state in mind, our approach starts with developing the desired outcome of parameters known as metrics-for-success.

Using series of workshops, the process frames the numerous options to be considered and uses a custom dynamic techno-financial model to assess the options, enabling us to move quickly towards the most attractive range of outcomes.

This early analysis is made possible with minimal engineering, by tapping into WorleyParsons' globally diverse technical and engineering expertise to provide the best technical solutions that are flexibly robust.


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