Contracting Strategy, Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution

We provide honest, independent and pragmatic advice based on extensive industry experience.

Independent, objective advice

Advisian’s intellectual rigour and professional integrity is fundamental to our ability to provide you valuable assistance. Our extensive experience in the analysis and resolution of problems affecting projects enables us to help you develop project and contract strategies that:

  • Maximise the reliability of project outcomes

  • Create contracts and contract processes which properly deal with the allocation of risks and responsibilities

  • Create contracts which minimise the likelihood of disputes

  • Create contracts which enable disputes to be quickly and effectively identified and resolved

Extensive industry experience

Collectively our consultants have hundreds of years’ experience in project delivery, and contract and sub-contract management. We’ve sat in your shoes and understand the implications and challenges you face and the solutions you need.

Sound, practical advice and solutions, regardless of project type or sector

Our consultants have deep experience in conducting independent forensic analysis on the causes and consequences of project delivery failures. This enables us to give expert advice on contract strategy at formative stages of projects and on problems encountered during project execution.

Services across the project life cycle

Strategic planning

  • Contract strategy advice

  • Risk strategy advice

  • Procurement strategy advice

  • Practical implication of contract terms


  • Contracts preparation and negotiation


  • Troubleshooting during delivery
  • Management and administration of contracts advice
  • Issues and dispute resolution process management
  • Claims preparation, analysis and assessment
  • Assessing and responding to claims, assisting project parties to achieve commercial resolution issues in dispute
  • Forensic analysis of causes and consequences of problems in project delivery processes


  • Dispute resolution process advice and support
  • Issues affecting project performance analysis



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