Downstream and Refining

oil and gas refinery

Across the life-cycle of downstream and refining plants, processes and technologies, Advisian consultants work with clients to provide innovative, cost-effective and safe solutions.

Navigating the complex downstream hydrocarbons landscape

As part of the Worley Group, our consultants utilise their global exposure and expertise in downstream hydrocarbons activities to support the development, expansion and modernisation of crude oil refineries, the implementation of environmental protection initiatives and the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of hydrocarbon products.

We’re focused on maintaining plant efficiency, throughput and margins for clients in the face of increasing sulphur production from heavy, sour feedstocks, whilst at the same time, ensuring the best and safest solution to meet government mandates for clean fuels. Advisian has proven capacity to support the full lifecycle of gas-to-liquids projects and an extensive range of petrochemical facilities.

Supporting the design of approximately 600 sulphur recovery plants that meet stringent environmental standards, we offer a wide-range of sulphur management and recovery solutions including tail gas technology, sub-dew point processes, bulk handling and transportation and use of standard and oxygen-enriched technology.