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twilight view of gas plant and storage tanks

Gas storage - an opportunity to optimise revenues for pipeline operators?

Kai Eberspaecher Senior Associate

Kai Eberspaecher | Senior Associate, Brisbane | 18 August 2017

Gas storage comes in a sliding scale of complexity and associated volume requirements. Depending on the duration of gas storage and the rate at which the gas has to be withdrawn, there are a number of options available.

Kai Eberspaecher Senior Associate

Kai Eberspaecher

Senior Associate

Kai brings a broad skill set in evaluating, designing, operating and improving conventional and unconventional oil, and gas assets, in multi-disciplinary environments in a variety of geographic locations. During his time working offshore in the North Sea, Kai gained valuable production engineering experience. In Kazakhstan, Kai delivered brownfield capital projects in a remote complex joint venture environment. In Australia, Kai worked in the front end upstream design and later in the commissioning and start of the world’s first coal seam gas to LNG development. Kai’s unique blend of international project management, engineering, production and operations experience allows him to quickly integrate into client teams implementing long-term solutions to challenges in the hydrocarbon industry.


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