Business Case

Business Case

A strategic, integrated understanding of business drivers to analyse and test the merit of a proposed investment and tell the right story that resonates with the intended audience.

Getting the case for investment right
The decision to invest in any project requires relevant documentation and evidence. Strategic thinking and discipline is required to develop a compelling business case, and is essential to analyse and test the merit of a proposed investment and to tell a story  justifying the decision – that resonates with the intended audience

We work with clients to:

  • Articulate why it is strategically important to invest now

  • Detail whether the proposed option is the best option for investment

  • Clearly define the scope, cost and risks associated with an investment

  • Show how the net triple-bottom-line impact of the proposal provides value-for-money

  • Outline how the project can be successfully delivered to achieve the intended benefits

No business case is the same. No structure fits all. Our business case advisers understand this and draw on our diversity of experience and take the time to know our clients’ goals and priorities to develop options that clearly put organisations on a trajectory to achieve that vision.

A unique and powerful practice in business case services
  • We bring a unique and pragmatic blend of strategic and technical understanding of infrastructure drivers to deliver a strong and resonant strategic assessment, rationale and narrative understood by those outside the project.

  • We insist on framing the project in the context of delivering the organisation’s strategic goals, rather than just addressing obvious needs and wants.

  • We fully embrace investment logic mapping to critically shape an investment and simplify decision-making.

  • We bring deep delivery and construction expertise to provide practical, real-world insights into the delivery and procurement strategy, program, delivery risks and costs. This means we apply a rare coverage of strategic and delivery experience to a business case.

Delivering on all aspects of the business case

Our unique and integrated blend of strategic, technical, financial, commercial, design, construction and operational planning expertise means we can provide real value to our clients by delivering on all aspects of a business case – setting us apart from our competitors. Our business case services are tailored to each client’s requirements. Our advice can be on specialist parts of the business case or we can provide the full suite of business case services, including:

  • Business case writing

  • Coordination and management of the business case development

  • Research and analysis

  • Decision modelling

  • Options assessments

  • Economic, financial, social and environmental appraisal, analysis and impact assessments

  • Risk assessments

  • Cost engineering

  • Concept and feasibility

  • Environment and geosciences

  • Constructability and scheduling

  • Delivery and procurement strategy


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