Carbon risk for the aluminum sector

Decarbonization is set to boost demand for aluminum. But aluminum producers will need to meet this demand sustainably and with a fraction of the CO2 footprint, changing the dynamics of the industry.

From its supply chain to the source of energy for smelters, the aluminum industry needs to decarbonize every moving part in order to align with global climate goals. This transformation will bring both risks and opportunities. So, how can aluminum producers successfully navigate so many variables?

The Advisian Carbon Risk Service (ACRIS) can help you identify, assess and manage carbon risks and opportunities. It’s a carbon risk management service that features a dynamic and multi-factor variable analysis carbon risk score.

The score is based on five key risk areas: carbon intensity of operations, geopolitical activity, regulations and climate ambitions, market trends, and climate change, for standardized types of aluminum facilities. The ACRIS score can give calculations for assets and portfolios.

Opportunities await aluminum producers that can navigate market changes and rise to the decarbonization challenge. Start planning for a tomorrow that doesn’t look like today with ACRIS.

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