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Aluminum smelting, ammonia production and refining are three of the most carbon-intensive industries in the world. ACRIS brings special analysis to help these industries meet their emissions reduction targets, strategy, and reporting. In addition to the “Insights” provided, which are not sector-specific but applicable to those three sectors, ACRIS provides:

  • The calculation of the ACRIS Score, and
  • The carbon abatement curve models.

Specific interactive dashboards help identify Transition and Climate risks and challenge industry archetypes against global benchmarks.

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ACRI Score

The ACRI Score is an overall index that ranges from 0 to 100 to reflects the dynamic position of an archetype in terms of Transition and Climate risks. The index, which is updated monthly, is based on a set of indicators that cover climate, financial, market and geopolitical risks. Archetypes are defined based on the technologies used in the actual operating plants globally and by region of the world.

ACRI Score is a unique risk-based model developed by Advisian. Underlying data are obtained from reliable sources, such as the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, the European Commission, and several United Nations institutions. Internal Advisian and Worley datasets, resulting from over 40 years of engineering and consulting support to the industry globally, are also used to build the index. Advisian in-house multidisciplinary experts analyze and update the index in real-time.

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