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Neha Parool on how we can #PressForProgress

Neha Parool, Consultant at Advisian, answers two questions: what equality looks like to her and how we can Press for Progress.

What does equality really look like for you?

True equality means a society where both women and men have equal:

  • Right to education
  • Right to healthcare
  • Access to privileges
  • Freedom to make choices
  • Job opportunities
  • Representation in all sectors
  • Responsibility of family

For me true equality means no stereotyping and no gender-based categorisation. Both should be treated as equals, as HUMAN.

What do you think we can all do to #PressForProgress for the future?

To promote progress for women, the major steps on a corporate level, could be:

  • Company to affirm commitment to gender equality
  • Create corporate awareness for promoting greater representation of women in all levels of the organisation
  • Publish company policies and implementing a plan for gender equality
  • Recruit/promote women to positions of responsibility
  • Representation for women in all policy decisions
  • Establish benchmarks and KPIs for managers to promote gender equality
  • Promote flexible working hours

On a general level, as a part of society, we should:

  • Advocate, promote and create equal opportunity for female education
  • Change our stereotypical attitudes towards women
  • Fairness in treatment of men and women considering their capacities, interests, historical and social disadvantages
  • Create a healthy and safe society
  • Ask the women at home and work to be bold, brave and unapologetic

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