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What we do

Safety Consulting

People holding a safety hat

In high-performing organizations, the safety and well-being of people is paramount. We believe safety management should be people enabled by processes – not processes stifling people. Based on this, Advisian provides comprehensive safety consulting services to both industry and government sectors.

Our safety, risk and loss prevention consulting and advisory services include:

Safety Management and Leadership:

  • Strategy and policy development and execution
  • Diagnostic assessment of performance
  • Development, implementation, and assessment of safety management systems

Safety and Risk Engineering:

  • Risk management and safety engineering solutions
  • Advanced analysis modeling of fire and explosions
  • Safety case development and review
  • Regulatory approvals and resource management support

We work throughout all phases of the asset lifecycle, drawing upon the "hands-on" experience of our consultants, as well as the collective expertise of Advisian’s global network, to deliver the right solutions for our clients.

Safety Management and Leadership

Advisian has a wide range of experience in safety management and leadership from the boardroom to the coal face. We work directly with senior executives and safety professionals to develop programs that are proactive, supported, and entrenched as a seamless part of an organization’s culture. We understand the realities of the workplace, making these programs pragmatic and effective in application.

Our safety diagnostic and assurance processes are designed to provide a platform for improvement, in addition to providing audit confidence against legislative and corporate requirements.

Safety and Risk

Our Safety and Risk consultants have a deep understanding of process safety and risk management issues, and a long history of working with industry and regulators alike. We provide technical and engineering analysis and assessment, as well as safety management and safety case skills to clients in complex and high-risk industries. From strategic studies to support option selection for new facilities, to detailed engineering and operational scopes, safety is built in to minimize risks across the entire asset lifecycle.

Safety studies

We provide facilitation and leadership in safety studies, such as HAZOP, CHAZOP, HAZID, LOPA and SIL, ALARP and Emergency Response Assessment. Our suite of specialist engineering tools allows development of fire, explosion, dispersion, and toxic modeling studies. We have extensive experience in multiple types of risk assessments, both quantitative and qualitative, including pipeline, project, reliability, and transport risk assessments.

Fire detection and protection

Our fire engineering team has a proven track record of providing the most cost-effective fire detection and protection systems to meet our clients’ needs, enabling the best use of capital deployment on project or operational sites.

Whether supporting a major project or providing small, targeted review scopes, our consultants provide optimum engineering and system solutions on time and on budget.

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