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What we do

Production Asset Value Enhancement

Offshore drilling platform

Pave the way toward higher performance.

Production Asset Value Enhancement (PAVE) breaks down organizational and technical barriers which can lead to suboptimal asset management.

The PAVE process is a unique, structured and integrated approach to asset management. Our blended team of management and technical consultants provides you with trusted advice to help optimize production and minimize OPEX, while continually safeguarding your team and the environment.

We only give you the solutions you need for the problems you face — avoiding costly reactionary solutions — which, in turn, will enhance the overall value of your assets.

Our capabilities:

Production Optimization

  • Integrated asset modelling
  • Production excellence
  • Operational & maintenance excellence
  • Asset life extension
  • Remediation services

Digital Data Management

  • Data remediation
  • Interface management 
  • Digital integrity tool

Asset Integrity

  • Free span analysis
  • Fitness for service & direct assessment
  • Erosion control
  • Riser integrity services
  • Pressure relief systems


  • Late life decision planning
  • Environmental assessment
  • Comparative assessment