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Portfolio Optimisation

Business collage

To extract maximum value from their assets whilst ensuring it meets their needs, organisations need to do projects right, but also do the right projects.

Advisian helps clients make the right capital decisions for their assets by delivering a portfolio of projects that are justified objectively by their merits, ensuring maximum value. We offer a tried and tested portfolio optimisation approach that helps clients improve their capital productivity throughout the asset lifecycle – across projects, maintenance and shutdowns. This includes:

  • A full suite of ‘how to’ policies and procedures for optimally managing portfolios

  • A full suite of templates and tools to maximise project outcomes and ensure portfolios deliver maximum value for minimum cost

  • A project portfolio optimisation tool (DELTΔ-MCA) to allow for semi-quantitative optimisation of portfolios and to explore sensitivity of project selection from business driver changes

  • A portfolio maturity audit tool to identify the gap between current performance and leading practice - the tool recommends actions to improve performance

We can help clients at any point on their journey towards portfolio management excellence, offering unique insights gained from our experience in solving countless real-world challenges. By working with us, clients reach higher performance and they get there faster.


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