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What we do

People and Organization

People in building burred

We believe people are people - not capital, assets or headcount. With an eye on the performance requirements, and technical and commercial dimensions of our clients’ business, we partner with them to tailor sustainable solutions to optimize collaboration, engagement and productivity of their people.

Creating positive and productive businesses

Every business, operational or technical challenge has a human component. A comprehensive solution must actively address the people and organizational elements that are at its foundation. At Advisian, we regard individual, team, and organizational development not as an end to its self, but as a core component of any successful initiative which provides real and lasting business value.

We help clients develop effective organizations and teams through clarity of strategy, optimal organizational structures, well-defined work and key roles, efficient business systems, building and maintaining the right staff resources and competencies, and developing the appropriate culture to succeed. 

Our services in this area encompass the full project and business lifecycle and include the following capability areas:

  • People and organizational strategy
  • Structure and transformation
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Business and people management systems
  • Health and safety
  • Training and development
  • In-country value and localization

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