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Organizational Effectiveness

Advisian provides a broad range of organizational effectiveness services to our clients across all industrial sectors, focusing on human performance management and development.

Advisian provides practical organizational effectiveness support for our clients. In some cases, a full organizational redesign is the right approach for a fast-changing environment. In others, a more focused approach is used to augment and improve a well-structured organization, including redefining organizational roles and responsibilities, optimizing the spans of control and support function ratios, updating job descriptions and improving skills, training, and leadership development capabilities. By examining the specific needs of the organization, we tailor the solution to best support the needs of the customer.

Our approach helps align our clients’ personnel structure with their work processes and overall asset performance requirements. We partner with our clients on identifying gaps and putting in place specific measures to address them, such as scaling organizational functions to meet strategic plans, drive performance, and accountability, and improving morale and staff retention, as well as the capability development of their personnel.

Our services include:

  • In-depth analysis of organizational issues and their impact of operational performance
  • Organizational redesign and people selection
  • Workforce scaling and optimization for future-state requirements
  • Redefinition of integrated organizational responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Performance management systems and execution
  • Clarification and development of job descriptions
  • Workforce value-added time improvement
  • Employee selection and retention strategies
  • Training, career progression planning, and leadership development
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Communication planning

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