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Operational Cost Optimization

Pump Jacks in field, oil and gas

Advisian provides a broad range of services in operational cost reduction across all industrial sectors.

Our services range from critical rapid cost reduction efforts when required, as well as focused efforts across the value chain. In many cases, when a new asset is acquired or market conditions change changed quickly, we deliver rapid cost reduction efforts in order to quickly deliver value in a very short time frame, which begin with a short assessment to first define and prioritize the potential opportunities. One this initial analysis is complete, we focus efforts on the primary target areas to further define and deliver the identified business value.  

In other cases, when an organization is looking to make changes to respond to evolving market conditions, we focus in key areas where value can be delivered to drive major change management efforts.  Generally, cost areas can be found across the value chain, including planning and capital projects, inventory, production quality or yield, maintenance and support costs, leases and procurement, contractor management and resourcing. 

Our services include:

  • In-depth analysis of cost categories and their impact on organizational EBIT
  • Integrated supply chain business planning, including product and customer segmentation and rationalization
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • Contractor and vendor optimization
  • Maintenance and support costs
  • Equipment lease optimization
  • Logistics and network optimization
  • Production quality material variances and yield
  • CAPEX and capital project efficiency
  • Organizational efficiency OSBL (Outside the Batter Limits) cost optimization, including power/energy, water and waste stream
  • AP/AR back office cash efficiency
  • Dedicated program management and tracking of economic delivery

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