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Capital Project Management

Mining, pit to port, Prince Rupert

Advisian provides a broad range of innovation and project effectiveness services to our clients across several industrial sectors.

It is now more common to see project cost and cycle time overruns coupled with increased non-conformance costs associated with the desire to execute as quickly as possible. By thoroughly examining the strategic requirements and the tactical execution process, core issue areas can be identified. This allows the organization to slow down or speed up different aspects and enhance specific capabilities in order to maximize the overall return on investment. The key is linking the asset and technology strategy with the right underlying processes, tools, and organization support model to execute the portfolio.

Our services include:

  • Asset strategy and technology roadmap development
  • Portfolio management and maximization of ROI, including several focus areas such as project valuation and selection, governance and macro resource allocation
  • Project management and cost optimization, including standards development/improvement, cost controls and reporting, management systems, and overall governance
  • Process management and cycle time optimization, including robust requirements development, design standards, asset standardization and modularization, and other design methods to optimize cost, manufacturability, serviceability, and long-term reliability
  • Engineering organization productivity and development, including overall footprint design/integration across all work locations, resource management, skills development and training, clarified roles and responsibilities, integration with procurement with aligned make vs. buy decision methods, as well as knowledge and document management
  • Asset/product quality improvement and reduction in non-conformance costs, including risk management, non-conformance tracking and mitigation, technology readiness assessment, design review processes, effective handover management, and lessons learned reviews with robust knowledge capture  

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