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Calcined Petroleum Coke Report

Calcined Petroleum Coke Report

A 5-year detailed outlook—including supply and demand—for the calcined petroleum coke market and related sectors.

Published twice a year, the report contains market intelligence and commentary regarding global calcined petcoke supply and demand. The report provides market participants from the refining, calcining, primary aluminum, titanium dioxide, recarburizer, needle coke and specialty chemicals sectors critical market intelligence required to support strategic business decisions.

Advisian’s Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) subscription service includes:

  • Global CPC supply/demand balance - anode-grade and non-anode grade
  • Regional CPC supply/demand balance and trade
  • Global calcinable green petcoke (GPC) production and quality by coker
  • Global CPC capacity, production, and operating rates by calciner
  • Global primary aluminum production by smelter
  • Commentary on noteworthy supply/demand key points of interest
  • Industry statistics (e.g., imports, exports, production)
  • Maps of calciner, coker, and primary aluminum smelter locations

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