Low Motion FPSO

Low Motion FPSO (LM-FPSO): A game-changing technology

The LM-FPSO is an innovative, state-of-the-art Multipurpose Floater with spread mooring (no turret required), developed to maintain the advantages of conventional FPSOs, while offering motion and stability performance close to TLPs.

Enabling Technology

The LM-FPSO is an enabling technology for dry tree applications on FPSOs in harsh environments. The improved LM-FPSO motion also makes the use of large diameter SCR with FPSO’s feasible, especially in harsh environments and in water depths currently considered unfavorable for SCR application.

Market Disrupting Game Changer

LMFPSO Diagram

LM-FPSO response is enhanced with a robust low-tech feature—namely, solid ballast tank (SBT). The SBT is connected to the LM-FPSO hull through four groups of tendons. The LM-FPSO provides superior heave, roll, and pitch responses through the added mass on the surface and the in-water weight of the SBT.

Superior motion verified by model testing

The LM-FPSO superior motion response has been extensively verified through comprehensive model testing program performed in collaboration with Korean Research Institute for Ship and Ocean Engineering (KRISO).

System Economics

Case Studies have shown LM-FPSO to save:

  • Wet-tree in the West of Shetland -- save $800MM in CAPEX
  • Dry Tree in South China Sea -- save $660MM in CAPEX
  • Wet-Tree Ultra Deepwater Brazil -- save $500MM in CAPEX
  • Dry-tree West of Africa -- save $1.2 Billion in CAPEX


All LM-FPSO components are field proven with 20+ years in service and present significant OPEX savings, 50% lower CAPEX, and high habitability, crew safety, and helicopter operability. The system also:

  • Eliminates the need for a turret, even in harsh environments
  • Offers simple fabrication and quayside integration
  • Provides flexible hull storage capacity (0bbl~2.5MMbbl)
  • Enables large diameter Steel Catenary Risers (SCR) Enables SCRs in water depth from 250m to 3,000+m
  • Enables Top Tensioned Riser (TTR) and direct vertical access to wells
  • Enables well drilling and completion from the FPSO large, ventilated rectangular deck area
Low Motion FPSO

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