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Social Performance and Stakeholder Engagement


We deliver economic benefit and local content for Aboriginal and local communities through participation in major construction projects.

Advisian’s consultants have a depth of experience unrivaled in the industry. This experience ranges from delivery of Indigenous and community participation on large construction projects, to social and health impact assessments and Indigenous and public engagement as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment processes and permit compliance.

We work with clients to plan and deliver Indigenous and stakeholder engagement programs to build mutually beneficial, respectful relationships.  We work with our teams to integrate the input from communities and social management components of projects into engineering design.

Our unique social project delivery skills allow economic benefits to be realized by Indigenous and local communities, and minority groups and small businesses through employment, business opportunities, training, and capacity building. Our team designs and delivers relevant programs and processes to support maximizing participation of Indigenous and local communities.

Core Capabilities

  • Stakeholder engagement and Indigenous consultation to support environmental, regulatory, and permitting processes
  • Corporate and project-specific Indigenous community and business engagement, relationship building, and the development of project Indigenous Participation Plans
  • Delivery of economic benefit and local content for Indigenous and local communities through participation in major construction projects
  • Social impact assessment, socioeconomic studies
  • Ethnographic, traditional land use, and traditional knowledge workshops and studies
  • Country food and health impact assessments
  • Archaeology and cultural impact assessments
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Cultural awareness training

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