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Marine Sciences

coral reef

Environmental monitoring and management for developments in and adjacent to sensitive coastal and marine environments.

Gaining approvals and community support for developments in and adjacent to sensitive coastal and marine environments requires:

  • Rigorous and defensible monitoring and impact assessment work
  • Sound environmental management planning
  • Integrated impact assessments with engineering design and project planning
  • Effective stakeholder engagement
  • Identification of cumulative impacts and offsets

Advisian’s marine sciences consultants are leaders in environmental monitoring and management for developments in coastal and marine environments. Our specialists in environmental management and approvals, marine sciences, coastal engineering, and stakeholder engagement work together to deliver the following services: 

  • Dredging and dredged material management and disposal plans
  • Site selection of offshore dredged material placement areas
  • Oil spill response management
  • Contaminated sediment assessment and management
  • Permitting associated with activities in the marine environment
  • Baseline and compliance monitoring
  • Water and sediment quality assessment (including bioavailability and ecotoxicity assessment)
  • Marine ecology surveys and assessment
  • Diverless monitoring solutions
  • Remote sensing and marine geology
  • Surveys and mapping of seagrass, mangrove, saltmarsh, intertidal and sub-tidal reef, and benthic infauna habitats
  • Coral health assessment
  • Marine fauna observation
  • Underwater noise studies for marine mammals
  • Fisheries surveys
  • Biodiversity offsets identification and negotiation
  • Marine pest surveys and management plans
  • Hydrodynamic modeling and metocean data collection
  • Marine geomorphology and sedimentation studies
  • Plume dispersion and oil spill modeling

Advisian provides tailored marine monitoring systems that are reliable and can provide data remotely with limited field presence. Our systems have been trialed and tested in the cyclone prone Pilbara region of Western Australia, the Middle East, and subzero temperatures of Canada. Our systems provide assurance of personnel safety and cost benefits to our clients and have resulted in industry awards.