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Environmental Science

Environment, Surface Water

Advisian is a leading provider of environmental science services for the resources and energy sectors, infrastructure and complex processing industries.


Obtaining permits for a new facility or for upgrades to an existing facility can be a complex task facing owners, due to increasingly stringent emissions limits and changing ambient air quality standards. Advisian’s atmospherics consulting team delivers successful outcomes for air, noise, and light challenges.

Advisian has an integrated team that utilizes the knowledge and experience of air, noise and light scientists; process and mechanical engineers, and permitting and engagement specialists to provide expert advice and design on Best Available Control Technology (BACT); air, noise and light modeling; emission offsets, and engagement with permitting agencies, communities, and stakeholders.

The early involvement of our atmospherics team in the permitting process, regulator engagement, and integration with design engineering teams will help streamline approvals and reduce delays in project schedule.


Consideration of aquatic resources in the design phase of a project can realize future benefits and reduce permit requirements. The Advisian aquatics team works closely with engineers in early phases to confirm works meet or exceed environmental regulatory requirements and can be completed in a timely manner.

Our team consists of biologists specializing in all aspects of aquatic science, providing clients with the critical information needed to assess the effects on a project, or in response to events that affect existing projects or infrastructure. Our team has completed projects for the energy sector, land developers, waste facilities, municipalities, and government departments, involving linear developments, spill response and delineation, due diligence, outfalls and intakes, construction monitoring and salvage, water withdrawals, and channel design and restoration.

Advisian incorporates the use of digital technologies to attain efficiencies and ensure quality of data, and uses remote monitoring equipment and advanced hydroacoustic technologies to increase spatial and temporal resolution while reducing health and safety risks. This approach allows efficient and cost-effective collection of high-quality data applicable to environmental assessments and engineering design.


Advisian marine sciences consultants are leaders in environmental monitoring and management for developments in coastal and marine environments.

Engineering and construction in the marine environment presents unique challenges given that it is a complex system with many inter-related species, habitats, and users. Advisian supports industry to understand and manage this complexity and provides effective solutions to securing permits and approvals, environmental assessment, mitigation and monitoring during construction and operations. Advisian combines expertise in marine ecology, oceanography, and water and sediment quality with an unrivaled depth of knowledge of marine terminal construction and operation, offshore energy, and project delivery. This results in streamlined permitting and approvals, practical mitigation and monitoring plans, and innovative solutions that balance the needs of the project with environmental protection and Social License.

Terrestrial Ecology

Terrestrial ecosystems are critical to water, carbon, and nutrient cycling, and conserving their complexity is crucial to maintaining biodiversity. Protection for components of terrestrial ecosystems (e.g., wetlands, migratory birds, and species at risk) is provided through a complex mix of legislation, regulation, and policy at multiple jurisdictional levels. Understanding the legal requirements and the ecosystems that surround a project and reducing environmental impacts not only prevents inadvertent noncompliance, but optimizes environmental, economic, and societal project performance.

Our professional biologists, agrologists, ecologists, planners, scientists, and technical staff provide our engineers and clients with the critical information needed to navigate legislation, regulation and policy, resulting in cost-efficient solutions benefiting both clients and the environment.

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