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Decommissioning and Restoration

Keepshill Decommissioning Project

Delivering sustainable solutions for end-of-life challenges and project removal, including reclamation, remediation and the management of a broad range of waste streams

Advisian has over 30 years’ experience undertaking complex contaminated land assessment, environmental remediation, and decommissioning consultancy projects. We understand the complex interplay of economic, social, legal, technical, and regulatory drivers involved in decommissioning and restoration projects. We also appreciate the economic benefits afforded by effective waste management; materially reducing operating costs by taking advantage of opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our experts provide a full-range of services to assess the characterisation of contaminants, as well as the condition of potentially contaminated sites. We draw on our ongoing association with leading academic bodies and continually improving knowledge base to ensure our recommendations are comprehensive, robust, and defensible. Our solutions cover the complete lifecycle of industrial, municipal, commercial, hazardous, nuclear, chemical and demolition waste streams.

  • Approach:  Advisian’s experience has proven that managing contaminated soil, groundwater and decommissioning problems like a business problem delivers dramatic results.
  • Experience: We work collaboratively with our clients to maximize their land and asset values, manage their liabilities, enhance their competitive position and protect their corporate reputation.
  • Capability: We have a highly qualified team of specialist consultants operating across strategic locations throughout the globe.
  • Value: We have a demonstrable track record in delivering cost and program efficiencies on remediation, demolition and decommissioning projects.
  • Flexibility: We dedicate time to listen to our clients and tailor our services to meet their business objectives.

Our services include:

  • Contaminated land and groundwater liability assessments: Assess environmental liabilities in accordance with international assessment and reporting standards.
  • Environmental liability management: Solutions to mitigate environmental risks, manage liabilities and unlock complex sites.
  • Purchaser and vendor environmental due diligence: Our strategic advice protects our client’s interests during real estate and corporate transactions.
  • Human health and groundwater/surface water risk assessment and modelling:  Quantifying and evaluating the risk from contaminated soil and groundwater.
  • Remediation options appraisal, design and remediation cost estimating:  Utilizing our in-depth knowledge, experience and bespoke costing tools to deliver sustainable and cost-effective soil and groundwater remediation.
  • Oil spill contingency planning and assessment: Providing expertise and proprietary tools to support our clients with assessment of varied potential environmental impacts from onshore oil and chemical spills.
  • Decommissioning and demolition cost estimating: Delivering strategic support to site closure planning and balance sheet provisions.
  • Demolition project management services: Collaborating with our trusted specialist contractor partners to plan and deliver complex demolition projects.
  • Waste stream characterization, mapping and optimization, leachate management and treatment, and biogas systems: Providing pragmatic waste management solutions as part of land remediation, decommissioning and demolition projects.

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