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Concept Design and Project Feasibility

Decisions made during the initial stages of a project have the greatest impact on determining the best business outcome. Our Concept Design and Project Feasibility consultants are specialists in getting difficult projects off the ground and maximizing the potential of operating assets.

Making the right decisions early to ensure best business outcomes

The public and private sectors invest vast sums of money each year on new or replacement assets. With so much demand for capital investment, it is essential that projects, programs and portfolios achieve their objectives and deliver anticipated returns. Making the right decisions early will have the greatest impact on business outcomes.

Advisian helps clients determine the best course of action for their projects by ensuring development options are reviewed at both a technological and practical level, and the opportunities, costs and risk are carefully evaluated at the concept selection stage. Our vast local and regional industry experience enables our consultants to access relevant project data to deliver results that are both accurate and dependable to make the right strategic decisions.

Working across the Hydrocarbons, Minerals and Metals, Chemicals and Infrastructure sectors, our services include:

  • Strategic investment decision support
  • Opportunity and risk management
  • Greenfield development
  • Brownfield optimization
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Mine-to-market solutions
  • Performance trials and facilities trouble-shooting
  • Concept designs
  • Concept value engineering
  • Technical options analysis
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Project specifications & tender documentation
  • Project life extensions
  • Condition assessments

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