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Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management

Get the best out of your assets. We can help you to balance your risks and costs, improve performance, and stay on the right side of the regulators.

D5 Asset Management Assessment

Infographics Discussions throughout the process

D5 is a collaborative diagnostic approach, using the appropriate selection of techniques, designed to provide a comprehensive, yet flexible, performance review of asset management. The D5 approach will quickly identify your areas of highest exposure, targeting your improvement investment to support a step-change in asset performance and safety performance. 

  • ISO 55001 Audit - If you’re looking to attain ISO55001 registration for your Asset Management System, we can help identify gaps in your current business and provide you an improvement plan.
  • Maintenance Function Audit - Using a structured analysis tool, we can determine the maturity of your maintenance organisation and measure your business against best practice.
  • Technical Due Diligence - Advisian’s asset management specialists can help you review the capability of a prospective organisation’s asset management system. Our integrity engineers can help determine the condition and remnant life of critical assets.
  • POVM (Portfolio Optimisation Value Management) - To add value to your assets, you are probably wrestling with the challenge of how best to spend your capital and renewables budget. Our processes and tool will help you define the key drivers of your organisation, and to optimise your portfolio delivery.
  • Asset Criticality -In collaboration with your business risk and compliance teams, Advisian can help asset owners understand the criticality of their assets. Along with condition assessment data, this can help your business plan its long-term asset renewal and maintenance activities.
  • Condition Assessment - Advisian can help you determine what assets actually exist in your organisation, and what condition they are in.
  • Maintenance Optimisation - Advisian can help you increase your asset reliability and performance by reviewing your maintenance processes and organisation structure. We can also help you reduce your operational expenditure.
  • Maintenance Management Systems - We can help you choose and implement a Computerised Maintenance Management System, along with data structures and plans to help you deliver your asset management strategy.

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