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Make your flood data usable by anyone

Floodplain and flood emergency management software that helps businesses and government agencies manage their flood risk without needing to be a flood modeler.


Flood data, simplified

Flood data, simplified

waterRIDE makes it easy to digest flood modeling results by converting complex datasets into highly visual and accessible formats.

waterRIDE - share flooding insights

Share insights and information

waterRIDE makes it easy to interrogate, understand and share your model results both inside and outside your organization.

waterRIDE - Manage your flood risks

Manage risks caused by climate change

waterRIDE lets you to manage how your flooding data changes overtime, so you can be sure that you’re always using the most current information from a single source.

waterRIDE floodplain management software

Flooding data is complex. waterRIDE turns this complex information into formats that are accessible and usable by anyone.

Floodplain mapping

Turn flood modeling results into interactive, dynamic and high-quality flood views. Use tools that have been specifically built to determine flood planning levels, evacuation schedules, and facilities and assets at risk. Standardize flood hazards and refine your results using remote sensing methods such as LiDAR.

Flood forecasting

Use storm surge forecasts, rainfall forecasts and predicted gauge levels to determine the likely outcomes of impending flooding in real-time. Integrate the predicted flood with your asset and infrastructure datasets to see the likely implications. Give yourself more time during flood events by utilizing the latest agency and private sector forecast datasets.

waterRIDE- flood visualisation

Automated flood certificates

Create consistent and quality-controlled flood certificates at the click of a button. No more sifting through flooding information for a property or concerns over which dataset to use.

Sharing and presenting

Share your flooding data through a framework that’s quality controlled, easy-to-use and view only. Combined with waterRIDE CLOUD, your flooding has never been more accessible or usable. Externally share your data, if desired, to maximize the use of the right datasets.

waterRIDE - flood visualisation

Data management

Keep track of your evolving flooding datasets with support from the waterRIDE team when it comes to managing your data’s versioning, archiving, rollback, publishing and time-history.

waterRIDE as a service

Our team can manage the entire waterRIDE experience for you. We look after everything from managing your datasets to new study import, project building and management, system updates and access control. All you have to do is open your browser and start using your data.

waterRIDE - flood visualisation

waterRIDE modules

waterRIDE offers a suite of modules to help make flooding data usable by anyone. Some work better together, while others can be used on their own.

waterRIDE Classic

Our desktop version of waterRIDE is floodplain management software to help you quickly and easily access flood information. waterRIDE FLOOD is the central module of the waterRIDE suite, supporting results from any flood model, including 1D and 2D models.


The next evolution of waterRIDE. waterRIDE CLOUD takes all the functionality of waterRIDE Classic to the Cloud. It lets you easily access, manage and distribute your flooding data from your browser, so you can manage your flood risks anywhere, at any time.

DATA Manager

Keep track of your flooding datasets as they evolve over time. With support for quality control, versioning, archiving, rollback, time-history, overlap and detail management, our DATA manager module provides a complete solution to help you manage your investment in flooding information.

Forecast console

Automate the collection and processing of real-time flooding datasets. This includes river and rain gauges, storm surge forecasts, rainfall forecasts and radar products from government and private providers. Automate your flood forecasting system including execution, publishing and alerting.

1D Surface

Build a 2D framework for your 1D model results. This brings any legacy model data to life so it can be visualized and interrogated inside waterRIDE as if it were a 2D model.


Create digital elevation models (DEM) from LiDAR terrain datasets. TERRAIN uses advanced data scaling algorithms so your DEM’s are always the highest quality possible.


Bring your general spatial information to life in waterRIDE by seamlessly merging your non-spatial data such as documents, spreadsheets, reports, webpages, videos and photos, with your spatial datasets.

Cameron Druery, Principal Engineer

Cameron Druery

Principal Engineer, waterRIDE, Advisian Digital

Cameron Druery is a Principal Engineer within Advisian Digital. He has 17 years’ experience in flood modelling, floodplain and flood emergency management, flood forecasting, GIS and spatial analysis and software development. His interests lie in the development of spatial software to assist in solving natural environment problems.