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Fugitive Emissions

Did you know, there’s an effective way to recapture the lost production from what’s lost through fugitive emissions? It could be as much as 2.5 percent of your produced gas. You could also reduce 80 percent of all fugitive emissions in a given asset by targeting just 10 percent of total leaks.

Using real-time monitoring, our Fugitive Emissions platform helps you improve your bottom line by accurately detecting, quantifying, prioritizing and mitigating fugitive methane leaks. The technology allows for you to see leaks and flow rates immediately, helping you prioritize leak repairs and turn the tables on greenhouse gas emissions.

Meeting the fugitive emissions challenge

Leak detection

Leak detection

We use multiple sensor technologies to detect your fugitive emissions. From static monitoring to survey-based approaches such as drones, cars or foot, we use the best monitoring approach for your asset. Once detected, your emissions data is uploaded to our secure cloud-based platform, FETCH4, and made available in near real-time.

Leak quantification icon

Leak quantification

Quantify the mass emission rate using FETCH4 and fix your biggest leaks first with emissions ranked by size. Quickly reduce the risk of lost product and demonstrate how much greenhouse gas emissions you’ve cut from your footprint.

Leak remediation icon

Leak modelling

Remodel any leak in the FETCH4 platform for analysis and export. Leaks can be visualized in Advisian Digital’s AssureViewer or your chosen GIS application. Weather data and environmental conditions are also integrated in emissions modeling to produce accurate dispersion simulations for environmental reporting, public safety and preventative maintenance activities.

Gas pipeline

The technology allows for you to see leaks and flow rates immediately, helping you prioritize leak repairs and turn the tables on greenhouse gas emissions.

Typical Applications

  • Add rich-data, quantification and modeling to your existing capability
  • Outsource leak detection surveys
  • Install real-time static monitoring
  • Wide area emissions surveying
Visualizing fugitive emissions

Next steps

Evaluate the FETCH4 platform


Request a demo and check out the FETCH4 platform

Pilot FETCH4

Test FETCH4 using existing survey data, or trial our monitoring services at your asset or facility

Implement analysis fugitive emissions analysis

Implement analysis across multiple assets, facilities or projects.

Ryan Strom, Director

Ryan Strom

Director, Advisian Digital

Ryan is the Product Director for Advisian Digital’s Fugitive Emissions and Assure platform. He has over 20 years’ experience in consulting, and small to medium-sized project and business management. Ryan is passionate about doing business through digital means, helping clients to reduce their costs and improve the sustainability of their business.