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Emissions Forecaster

Emissions Forecaster

Legislation, reputation management and social obligation have meant that the reduction of pollutants emitted from developments and site installations is now a key corporate driver and a priority for continuous improvement.

The Emissions Forecaster is a robust software tool used for forecasting emissions. It can accurately estimate energy usage, CO2, CO, NOx, SOx, THC and many other emissions under varying operating scenarios. Forecaster has been rigorously tested over the last 10 years; the tool now boasts an accuracy of better than 95%, with results achieved in a matter of hours.


Emissions Forecaster has been used by many up, down and mid-stream operators globally, such as BP, Shell, Nexen, Maersk, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), Total, Repsol, Neptune, EnQuest, Premier, CNR, KPO, and Gasco.

How it works

The user inputs predicted site throughput data for several periods, and different operating modes together with equipment operating parameters. The Emissions Forecaster will then

accurately calculate the required configuration of equipment together with energy and emissions for each period and mode. Advanced user options can be used for further detailed interrogation of data.

User friendly

The outputs displayed are clear and presentable. Drill-downs are available for further breakdown of energy consumption, equipment operating efficiencies and associated emissions. Various options can be established to provide comparative scenarios utilising a range of equipment, which provides a preferred option.

We specialise in process plant and equipment optimisation for the oil & gas industry. By promoting sustainability and operational excellence, we continually demonstrate substantial OPEX / CAPEX reductions, whilst maintaining or increasing production throughput. Our specialist software products can be used in all stages of the asset lifecycle and add real value for forecasting and monitoring energy and emissions performance.

Emission Forecaster - Saving energy, improving efficiency, reducing cost...

Incorporating 20 years of Performance Improvements expertise and experience.

Incorporating 20 years of Performance Improvements expertise and experience

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