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Rail transport

Innovative, workable solutions on how to move freight efficiently

With extensive experience in all areas of rail assets and operations, Advisian can provide rolling stock and infrastructure design, project management testing and commissioning. Specialist capabilities include incident investigation, operations simulation, due diligence and owner’s engineer.

Access and Regulation

Advisian provides a specialist service to rail access providers and regulators, focusing on maintenance, operational safety, and capital costs which are essential components of the access charge applicable to the networks.  The industry benefits through the establishment of transparent access regimes encouraging utilization of the networks and bringing confidence to the users, while ensuring access providers receive fair compensation.

Rail Infrastructure

Our integrated design capability for rail infrastructure ensures optimization and coordination through the concept, definition, detailed design, and construction management phases of the project.  This results in capital and operating cost savings and construction efficiencies.

Infrastructure Planning Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Route Studies
  • Geotechnical Analysis
  • Operational Safety Assessments

Infrastructure Design Services:

  • Rail Alignment
  • Yard and Terminal Layout
  • Earthworks and Track Structures
  • Slope Protection
  • Bridges and Rail Crossings
  • Bulk Material Loading and Unloading

Intermodal Rolling Stock

The Advisian rolling stock team develops, models, and tests innovative intermodal railcar designs to meet specific client needs. Advisian has designed a “for purpose” articulated intermodal spine car for a narrow gauge operation, and also works with manufacturers around the world to oversee construction, ensuring railcars are built precisely to design specifications.

Rail Business Consulting and Management

Advisian provides a rail business consulting service involving operations cost modeling, business case development and analysis, owner’s engineers/lender’s engineers, tender and contract management, performance benchmarking, railway and terminal operations simulation, and strategic and master planning.

Rail Asset Management

Advisian offers whole of life asset management, fleet configuration control, fleet maximum life assessment, management of systemic fleet defects maintenance analysis and planning.

Due Diligence

Advisian provides value assessment of rail assets and operations, evaluating potential risks and remedies, and effectively assessing tradeoffs between capital investments and operational improvements.