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Ports and Marine Terminals

Port Dock

Advisian provides its clients with terminal designs that are tailored to their operational and strategic needs while meeting increasingly stringent environmental and social requirements.

Geotechnical, Seismic & Marine Structure Design

Choosing the right people for the job is essential from the onset of a project. Advisian has developed innovative engineering solutions for geotechnical investigations, wharves, berths, trestles, moorings and related marine structures with challenging seismic demands, utilizing advanced technology to assess operability and construction options for the delivery of cost effective structures. Our people are not only specialist geotechnical and marine structural engineers but also have construction and operational backgrounds. This means that we fully understand the culture and elements of engineering, operations and construction. We think ahead and provide our customers with the smoothest possible operation.

Coastal & Ocean Engineering 

Missing out on some very critical coastal aspects in the early phases of a project can have large negative impacts on the delivery schedule. Working with Advisian’s in-house experts means that we get it right from day one.

Our ability to accurately model and analyze the interaction with structures, floating bodies, shoreline and seabeds is recognized worldwide and sets us apart from our competitors.

Our field services execution means that not only is the overall execution time of a project reduced, but we’re also able to provide integrated advice to customers.

Environmental Management & Approvals

Advisian’s Environmental Management and Approvals team delivers time and cost savings by mapping the complex inter-relationships of approvals processes, relating them to other critical project timelines and actively managing achievements of approvals to schedule. This unique service deals with strategy, planning and management of the full range of required approvals.  

Advisian has developed a worldwide reputation for successfully conducting impact assessments to International Finance Corporation standards. With an award-winning team, including a broad range of specialists, we have the capability to deliver impact assessments in their entirety for large scale energy and resource projects, and their associated infrastructure.

Terminal Planning & Simulation 

Understanding the terminals industry is key in delivering efficient and cost effective solutions without lengthy delays to a project.  Advisian’s master planners and economists are ex-terminal operators and understand both cultures.  We provide ports and terminals planning services for container, bulk, breakbulk, oil, gas, ro-ro and cruise terminals. Our customers benefit from terminal designs that are tailored to their needs from greenfield sites to brownfield terminals.

Liquids Tankage & Transfer 

Advisian’s liquids tankage and transfer experts specialize in cost-effective and innovative implementation of retrofit and major expansion projects, enhancing our clients’ competitive positions to prepare them for the future and ongoing challenges in the liquids transmission and distribution industry.

Our reputation is built on a foundation from three decades of work, on pump stations, metering facilities, tank farms, to a host of other pipeline facilities. We have a long and successful history of providing project services for this type of work to most of the major pipeline operators, as well as to smaller transportation companies.

Dry Bulk Material Handling and Transfer

Advisian has been delivering Bulk Material Handling (BMH) projects in the US and Canada over the last three decades. We have in-house specialist experience in the development and implementation of terminals for the handling of coal, gold, copper, potash, soda ash, iron core, petrochemical pellets, agricultural products, and a number of other specialist materials.

Dock Underwater Inspections and Terminal Audits 

We understand terminals because we design and inspect them all over the world. Our expertise covers virtually all types of terminal construction in any environment.

Advisian provides a comprehensive approach to terminal audits. Our technical understanding of marine terminals combined with our real-world inspection experience and capability delivers the best possible analysis of marine terminal assets.

Advisian is the only marine engineering consultant that conducts full diving operations and maintains a staff of full-time structural engineers and technologists certified to conduct underwater inspections.

Navigation Studies & Marine Risk Assessment 

Advisian has long track record in applying navigational simulation, model testing and marine risk assessments as part of water way suitability assessments to port and nearshore terminal developments. Our specialist team has 30 years’ experience in maximizing the terminal throughput, increase of operational envelopes and determination of water way safety by applying desktop fast time ship simulations, berthing and mooring analysis and simulation, full bridge mission simulation and port model testing as part of water way suitability assessments for marine terminals for the oil & gas industry.