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What we do

Solar Thermal CSP

Solar parabolic trough

Advisian provides a full range of services to support the development of CSP systems, from planning, technical advisory services and benefits analysis, to owner's engineering, detailed design, project/construction management and plant operational support.

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies, also known as Solar Thermal Power, use mirrors with tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight onto a small area. This concentrated solar radiation creates heat (usually steam) which can be used for industrial processes, such as enhanced oil recovery, desalination, reformation processes or for input into conventional power plants. These systems can use thermal energy storage (TES) so that processes can continue to operate during cloudy periods, at night and/or shift collected energy to peak demand periods, thus providing high-value, dispatchable power. Systems can be combined with other heat sources, such as biomass, natural gas, waste heat (e.g., integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC)) so that the resulting hybrid power plant provides continuous baseload power.

Advisian’s staff has extensive experience with all types of CSP technologies (parabolic trough, solar tower and linear Fresnel are the primary technologies) and is involved with a wide variety of CSP applications including stand-alone power generation, solar augmentation of existing or new conventional power plants, and process heat. Together, our team can provide a full spectrum of services to utilities, IPPs or project developers.

Our engineers provide a broad range of services to the CSP community, including technology evaluation, site assessment, site layout optimization, performance estimating, plant design, supervision of construction, commissioning and performance testing, and operations and maintenance projections. We can also provide economic analysis support to assist customers in the development of technical and financial economic models. Our full service engineering ensures successful completion and operation of sustainable assets.