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What we do

Fossil Fuel - Gas

combined cycle gas generation

Advisian provides its customers with gas turbine-based power generation facilities to maximize their return on investment, as well as minimize their environmental emissions. Our projects ensure a higher rate of efficiency for both new and current assets.

Advisian delivers successful lifecycle projects from initial project definition, conceptual design, through financial close, engineering, construction management, commissioning and operations to help customers achieve their business goals in today’s competitive gas turbine power generation market. The gas turbine combined cycle is typically the most efficient, cost-effective option with shortest to market power generation schedule.

Our project teams deliver leading-edge applications using the newest combustion turbine generation technology such as simple and combined cycles, simple to combined cycle plant conversions, repowering of existing plants and cogeneration. We implement these applications through our worldwide project delivery networks that cover all phases of life cycle, ensuring optimum solutions resulting in efficient, cost-effective projects.

WorleyParsons designed first-of-a-kind plant and reference plants that include both GE and Siemens gas turbines. We delivered the first 60 Hz single-shaft 107H units for General Electric, as well as their single- shaft 109FB 50 Hz combined cycle reference plant. Similarly for Siemens, we designed the first 501F reference combined cycle plant design and also implemented the first 501G plant. For large capacity machines, our design and implementation experience is among the leaders of the industry.

Our project references feature machines from all major gas turbine OEMs including General Electric, ALSTOM, Siemens, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. We are current on the gas turbine technology development based on our routine interface with all OEMs and share their applicable software and design guide database. We excel as our customers’ single point of accountability for simple to complex gas turbine and combined cycle power projects. Our reference plant approach meets today’s aggressive project objectives to facilitate design, reduce costs and shorten schedules, yet allows flexibility to accommodate customer-specific conditions.

Advisian’s technical advisory team has significant experience as Owner’s Engineer supporting developers through the early phases of project identification, development, delivery, commissioning and operations.  Owner’s Engineering Services is a core part of our business and we are focused on producing the best outcome for our clients.  We develop and deliver solutions that heighten performance and lower owning and operating costs. Our solutions provide cost savings, risk reductions, improve the performance of existing assets, reduce carbon footprints and meet the growing demand for environmental and profitable sustainability.


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