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Fossil Fuel - Coal

coal plant against horizon

As environmental regulations and hurdles grow alongside energy demands, the need for new innovative technologies and designs increases. Advisian is on the forefront of full-service coal solutions to ensure our customers successfully meet these challenges.

Advisian is an industry leader in providing successful full-service coal plant solutions, including owner's engineering advisory services, traditional engineering, procurement and construction management, to hundreds of customers worldwide. We offer the required expertise to deliver coal-fired power generation projects of all technologies and configurations to implement the proper technical solutions for our customers’ generation needs.

Our extensive experience in solid fuel designs is utilized in every aspect of project execution. We offer improvements such as cooling system optimization, carbon management and heat rate and availability optimizations that can rapidly be implemented in both new and existing coal plants. Emissions control, airflow modeling, Effluent Limit Guidelines compliance, carbon capture and sequestration, and implementing Clean Coal technologies are core service offerings for Advisian.

Our operations personnel work collaboratively with our customers to plan, prepare for, and execute major outages with minimal impact.

Advisian provides coal project designs that are compliant with the latest local environmental regulations, including supercritical pulverized coal and circulating fluidized bed boilers, to ensure all projects are sustainable and profitable. If your project is approaching its end of life, or you are looking for repurposing opportunities for the site, our strategic and technoeconomic modeling experience will provide the desired inputs into the closure business plan model while identifying future uses and potential revenue stream for the repurposed coal plant.   Our Risk Management and Decommissioning teams will develop and lead the implementation of the coal plant’s deactivation, decommissioning, decontamination and demolition.

We work with global alliance partners to provide comprehensive services across coal power development. Our work includes research and implementation of successful, next-generation power plants. Our worldwide execution of emissions control and carbon management will ensure our customers’ assets meet long-term environmental regulations.

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