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Helping governments, owners and operators to imagine, design, deliver and operate essential infrastructure that powers economies, connects urban centers, supports communities and fuels future growth.

Advisian supports infrastructure development across the asset lifecycle and at the national policy level, and has a long and successful track record developing infrastructure assets that meet the relentless demands of population growth and urbanization.

Our consultants bring a deep understanding of the specific needs of transport, energy, water, and social infrastructure projects to provide tailored solutions that address local challenges. We work closely with clients to understand their value chain and unlock opportunities that deliver lasting value.

Our work is grouped into four industry sectors:  

  • Energy: electricity generation from a range of sources, transmission and distribution 
  • Social: health, housing and education infrastructure as well as community engagement and cultural change programs
  • Transport: private and public roads, heavy haul, freight and passenger rail, ports, airports and integrated transport solutions
  • Water: water and wastewater projects including desalination, treatment, distribution and storage