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Unconventional Oil and Gas

Canadian oil sands

The rapid growth of shale gas is driving demand on a global scale, increasing exports from the U.S. and providing refineries with new feedstocks that increase utilization and performance. To address the needs of the expanding global market, Advisian brings a suite of knowledge and experience that covers the development of assets in every phase in order to maximize the return on investment realized by our customers on projects large and small.

Addressing challenges

Unconventional oil and gas projects face a myriad of challenges, including:

  • Water sourcing and other environmental concerns
  • Adequate infrastructure
  • Transportation and logistics issues
  • Availability of equipment

Our integrated skills and global resources allow us to confidently address the infrastructure, environmental and logistical issues associated with developing unconventional assets so our customers can see their products cost effectively and efficiently reach the market.

What we do

Advisian specializes in total asset management of unconventional projects and believe that proper preparation in the appraisal phase enables us to help our customers better adapt to changes during development. This eliminates reengineering, minimizes idle time and significantly reduces cost.

We have developed a plan for field exploitation that integrates activities such as access road routing, drilling, wellhead hook-ups, early production schemes, production aggregation, centralized processing and export sales pipelines. Our more than 1,250 specialists worldwide provide procurement, logistics and construction management services to integrate activities on a local level.


  • Create and implement a total water management plan to support both drilling needs (fracturing) to produced water treatment
  • Design, procure and safely deploy fit-for-purpose production assets within the complex environment of simultaneous drilling, construction and operations activities
  • Establish a framework for providing ongoing development, optimization and improvement services throughout the life of the field  

Impact on Project Results

Advisian understands all aspects of developing an unconventional asset and is, therefore, capable of adding value in any phase. Because we understand each moving part, we can not only develop any single phase of an unconventional project, but are also uniquely positioned to see an asset through from start to finish:  

  • Permits & approvals: We provide effective schedule control, interface management and risk management through the planning and coordination of regulatory approvals and permits.
  • Planning & logistics: Our credible layout options allow execution over a wide range of operating variables and help ensure adherence to our customers' project budgets and schedule.
  • Manufacturing process: Advisian optimizes activities that drive engineering costs down and turn a field development into an efficient assembly line.
  • Smart customization: Minimized costs and adherence to requirements are realized as a result of our experience in implementing the “design one, build many” approach.
  • Global procurement: Our worldwide resources deliver lower cost alternatives for field equipment that will meet customer quality specifications due to efficient scale and reach.
  • Continuous improvement: A culture of constantly challenging the execution strategy is at the core of our philosophy: To keep our customers competitive, this mindset is a requirement.  

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