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Pipeline Systems

Pipeline Systems

With the integration of Advisian’s and WorleyParsons’ resources, large-diameter, long distance transmission pipeline systems, small inch gathering and distribution systems have been designed and construction managed for clients globally. From concept to operations, over 100,000 kilometers of pipeline and pipeline related facilities have been developed to assist our customers in reaching their company and project objectives.

Advisian recognizes that making the right decisions during the initial stages of a project is essential to maximizing the ultimate business outcomes.  Advisian’s pipeline subject matter experts understand not only the technical aspects of pipeline design and operations, but the environmental, social and commercial issues in developing pipeline projects.

Advisian provides pre-FEED services to asset owners, operators and investors by utilizing our extensive real-world experience in total project delivery, asset operation and industry best practice.

These services enable customers to be confident that critical decisions made in the conceptual stages of a project will satisfy their ultimate business objectives. Specific areas of expertise associated with pipeline projects include:

  • Greenfield project development planning:  Advisian provides sustainable project development scenarios to further customers decisions for the applicable business case
  • Compressor/pump station spacing including optimization against pipeline diameter and allowance for future expansion scenarios
  • Brownfield field development planning:  Advisian applies current operational know-how to deliver cost-effective increases in capacity that maximize asset life returns from existing assets
  • Financial and economic analysis:  Advisian accesses the global database of major capital projects within WorleyParsons, enabling customers to support their strategic investment decisions with accurate and reliable development planning data

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